About White Wing Label

White Wing was created out of the same material and ideals that forged this great country. Two brothers struck out on their own to create American Made textile products simply because they believed it was still possible to go after your own dream. With the help of a designer that began sewing shoes when he was 6, we were able to create products for the Department of Defense that came to be synonymous with quality and superb functionality. To be completely honest, looking back I’m not sure either of us could have accurately described to you business subjects such as the uses of a line of credit, keystone pricing, or even how to market yourself properly, but we did know how to construct a superior product and felt that was enough for a start on the commercial side. With the help of countless individuals who believed in our products and abilities, we were able to minimize our mistakes and maximize our potential. We see what our label has now become as a testament to the American style of perseverance, and feel that it has been an inspiring demonstration of how it “takes a village” to raise a business.

Our hope is that you are satisfied with our product not only through it’s looks but also with it’s functionality. Due to the fact that every part and piece of White Wing products has been created in the U.S.A., we take pride in knowing that you are 100% fulfilled in your purchase, so much that we offer a Lifetime Guarantee on all of our products. Come see us anytime down on Paint Rock Road in Eden, TX, and if nothing else our hope is that our story can help inspire folks that it is still possible to grab that brass ring and hold on tight.

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